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The 'Way-Out, Wonderful World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia

by Keith Hedges
6x9 paperback, 146 pages

If you are a typical movie fanboy/girl, you will love this trivia book. To find out for sure, take the following quiz: You might be a fanboy or fangirl and like this book if you can match the following... Match the question with the answer:
1. My partner doesn t mind my Monster Obsession because...
2. You should have four copies of a favorite horror film because...
3. Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff should have received
4. You should buy 2 copies of every book and magazine because...
5. Everyone knows Monster models and collectibles are...
Match with the Above:
A. An Academy Award
B. Action figures NOT dolls
C. One to be locked in my fireproof safe and one to read
D. It keeps me off the streets
E. Each version has a one second difference between the VHS, Laser Disc, DVD and DVD Director s Cut