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Michael H. Price


The Making of King Kong

by George E. Turner with Orville Goldner;
Expanded and Revised by Michael H. Price with Douglas Turner

Reprint 2006
6x9 paperback; 256 pages

To this day the cinematic beauty-and-the-beast imagery of 1933's King Kong remains a vibrant force in the history of Hollywood. However, few film fans know the true story behind the making of King Kong—the heroic war exploits of Kong creators Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack; the daring desert and jungle explorations which led to successful documentaries such as Grass; the meeting of Schoedsack and his soon-to-be wife, actress Ruth Rose; the dedicated special effects crew and hard working actors... Ruth Rose would go on to pen the screenplay of King Kong, much of which was based on the real life adventures of Cooper, Schoedsack and Rose. The stories behind the film make this ultimate filmic adventure all the sweeter, and make this book a must have for all fans of fantastic cinema..