The Cinema of Sinatra:
The Actor on Screen and in Song

6x9 paperback 364 pages, $25.00



This book is the first to cover Frank Sinatra's film career thoroughly and prove that, indeed, he was one of America's finest screen performers. But it also goes beyond that, situating Sinatra's film work within the context of his entire career: His recordings are examined in detail to show how his musical and cinematic talents were inextricably linked. And not only did Sinatra sing in many of his films, he also waxed scores of songs that originally had been written for Hollywood productions. To appreciate Sinatra the actor, one first must grasp Sinatra the singer, for his talents in both areas evolved hand in hand. Moreover, this "dual career" must be situated within the context of his 82-year life: One cannot fathom Sinatra's talent either as a vocalist or actor without having a good handle on what made him tick—and most of the published biographies simply "don't grab it." His social and political values are covered at some length. To understand many of his films—particularly those he influenced, produced and directed—one must be aware of his beliefs and actions, particularly those during the mid-1940s and his later friendship and support of John F. Kennedy (which had effect on the production of Robin and the 7 Hoods [1964], here told accurately for the first time). The Cinema of Sinatra offers readers a detailed look into the cinematic career of one of our most enduring entertainers.