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by Gary J. Svehla with Barry Atkinson, Steven Thornton, William Max Miller edited by Susan Svehla

paperback, 98 full color pages, 8.25 x 10.5

When it comes to the icons of the horror/science fiction film genre, the popularly coined phrase “Mad Doctors” becomes one essential component of just what makes horror movies so fantastic. For every popular monster, behind each skulking, hulking terror, lies one or more monster makers, usually audacious men (and more frequently, women) of science who dare to dabble in God’s domain. Whether these whack cases are attempting to create new life from sewing together assorted body parts of the dead, restore disfigurement to normalcy, mount an army of monsters capable of conquering the world or maintain youth and vitality and thus avoid the deteriorating rigors of old age and death, our favorite mad doctors always forge new avenues of discovery. As far as movies go, mad docs drive the world of horror cinema and often become just as charismatic as the evil fiends they create.
Here at last is a celebration of the mad doctor in the movies. As movies teach us in such instances, it takes two to tango and terror from beyond often cannot come to reality without the active participation of the dreaded mad doc—the deluded mind that precipitates all the mayhem. In the world of fantastic cinema, it’s such evil minds that we celebrate!