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You're Next!
Loss of Identity in the Horror Film

(new cover 12/3/12)

6x9 paperback, 320 pages, $25.00

Fear of the dark, fear of death, fear of the unknown and the unseen. Commentators have analyzed at length these terrors of the psyche and how they figure prominently in the horror film. But one particular fear, one particular fate worse than death, which manifests itself time and again, has rarely been discussed in detail or depth. Loss of identity, submergence of self, death of the soul under various names and in various guises befalls individuals trapped in a horror/sf/fantasy universe. You re Next provides an examination of the ways in which this fundamental terror is visited upon people in the movies and what it does to them and provides a new perspective on and greater understanding of the films that employ it, and perhaps this book will lead to a deeper appreciation of what it means to be human and why losing that defining aspect of our lives is so profoundly frightening.