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edited by Aaron Christensen  




edited by Aaron Christensen
6x9 paperback, 320 pages,

320 pages * with 122 photos from * 110 films covered in * 101 essays by * 78 horror fans from * 12 different countries

Bringing a refreshingly egalitarian approach to the subject, Horror 101 collects musings on our favorite chillers not by the expected assortment of critics and filmmakers, but the audience... the fans themselves. Young and old, male and female, located all over the globe. From Alien through The Wicker Man, each entry brings a breath of fresh air to the consideration of seminal movies many of us thought had been analyzed to death. As editor Aaron Christensen puts it, "Keep America strong! Watch more monster movies!-- Joe Dante, director, The Howling, Piranha, Gremlins

as the title implies, Horror 101 is something of a textbook written for horror students by horror students. Edited and complied by Dr. AC (Aaron Christensen), this collection of essays provides in-depth readings on some of the most important, influential and just plain great movies that have shaped the fright genre. To an aficionado, this journey outside the industry and into non-pro reactions can bring back fond memories; for the newbie, this is a meticulous introductory course to cinematic works all fear buffs should know.—Rebekah McKendry, Fangoria

…just the right gift for the budding horror fan in your life. The must-sees are sufficiently covered here, from the silents (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, The Phantom of the Opera) and early Universal creature features (Frankenstein and friends) through ’50s American sci-fi (Them!) and Hitchcock to latter-day classics from the ’70s and early ’80s (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and sundry slashers). The love and respect these folks have for the genre is beyond question. All this, and an intro by Tom Savini – what’s not to like?--John W. Bowen, Rue Morgue

A master stroke...something absolutely different and essential. If you find yourself feeling negative about the horror genre, you need to take a look at this book.—Nick Digilio, News/Talk 720 WGNRadio Chicago

A great read for both veterans and those new to the horror genre…Highly recommended!!—Aaron Crowell, HorrorHound Magazine