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by Gary Giblin



Ken Mogg, editor of the Hitchcock scholars' website, The MacGuffin says:
"Giblin's book on Hitchcock's London--and Hitchcock's England--promises to be a fascinating investigation by a true Anglophile of the director's literary sources and his imaginative treatment of reality."


Alfred Hitchcock’s London
by Gary Giblin

6x9 paperback, 326 pages,

In Alfred Hitchcock's London you will explore actual filming sites from more than two dozen Hitchcock films, including: The Lodger, Downhill, Easy Virtue, Blackmail, Murder!, Number 17, The 39 Steps, Secret Agent, Sabotage, Young and Innocent, The Lady Vanishes, Foreign Correspondent, The Paradine Case, Stage Fright, Frenzy and both versions of The Man Who Knew Too Much. The locations of many of these sites have been buried in production files for decades and are revealed here for the first time--including sites that were filmed but ultimately cut from the finished films.

You will visit Hitchcock's favorite hotels and restaurants, including the venerable Simpson's, which is depicted in the film Sabotage, as well as the real-life crime scenes that inspired The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Paradine Case, Rear Window, Frenzy, "Arthur" and more!

You will also retrace the climactic car chase of Blackmail; penetrate the foreboding world of Frenzy serial killer Bob Rusk; listen to the Paradine Case evidence at the Old Bailey; and uncover dozens of locations described in Hitchcock's literary sources, including The Lodger, Enter Sir John (whence Murder!), The Wheel Spins (whence The Lady Vanishes), Dial M for Murder, and Marnie. A number of locations outside of London are also described, including the stately homes of The Paradine Case and Easy Virtue and the original inspiration for Rebecca's Manderley.

Researched with the cooperation of the British Film Institute and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this book includes photographs of the locations, directions to all sites, behind the scenes production information, and exclusive comments from the family and colleagues of Alfred Hitchcock, including his daughter, Patricia.