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Bryan Senn




by Bryan Senn
6x9 paperback, 298 pages


The purpose of this book is to chronicle, critique and explore every theatrically released, English-language voodoo movie to date. Admittedly, sometimes the stories behind a film's making prove more entertaining than the movie itself, but such are the hazards of the job. While some are good, many are bad and a few are downright ugly, most voodoo movies contain at least the promise (occasionally fulfilled, more often not) of a glimpse into an alternate world view and spirituality that can be both fascinating and unsettling. Films such White Zombie, I Walked With a Zombie, Macumba Love, I Eat Your Skin, Angel Heart and The Believers are included in this fascinating film history.

In the art of cinema, voodoo films possess their own unique flavor and attraction. Filled with bizarre rituals, tropical locales, frenzied sensual dancing, deadly hexes, powerful sorcerers, and the dreaded walking dead, voodoo movies appeal to the western audience's thrill of the exotic...the strange...the inexplicable. Do you have the courage to venture into this strange cinematic world of charms, spells, human sacrifices and ZOMBIES?