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cinematic hauntings




Cinematic Hauntings

Edited by Gary J. Svehla, Susan Svehla
8.25" x 10.5" Full Color on White paper 160 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1936168118
The history of ghost cinema, as well as the haunting  
literature upon which the films are often based, is a  
noble tradition. Ghost films go back as far as the era  
of the Silents. This Midnight Marquee Press volume  
presents respected film writers’ personal analyses  
of their favorite ghost films. Not necessarily the best  
of the genre, but always films of merit. The Mt. Everest  
of ghost films—the acclaimed classics—The Uninvited,  
The Innocents, The Haunting—are of course included.  
But also many neglected cinema specters are  
covered: Carnival of Souls, Lady in White, Portrait of  
Jennie, High Plains Drifter, etc. Most of these films  
are known by the average film buff, but several titles  
included may not be recognized (but are equally  
of merit and should be sought out). 
Often Ghost films have been overlooked by film  
historians and critics alike. This revised collection  
of Cinematic Hauntings hopes to
remedy the situation.