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Nicholas Anez


by Nick Anez
paperback, 300 pages

Midnight Marquee Press
ISBN-13: 978-1887664714
ISBN-10: 1887664718
BISAC: Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism

Grab the popcorn and get ready for an action-packed read as we explore the cinematic adventures of Tarzan, the King of the Jungle, Super Spy James Bond, Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral, Hammer s Dracula and Werewolf, plus a dashing assortment of Hollywood s Western Heroes and Villains. Celluloid Adventures will tickle the fancy of action film fans everywhere.













by Nick Anez
6x9, paperback, 214 pages

Midnight Marquee Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1936168125
ISBN-10: 193616812X
BISAC: Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism

In Celluloid Adventures: Good Movies Bad Timing, films were discussed that had received scathing reviews and were considered box-office bombs. All fell within various categories. Entries included titles from the Tarzan and James Bond series, along with Westerns, Wyatt Earp movies and Hammer horror—all resurrected from diverse levels of oblivion in an attempt to correct critical injustice. 
In this volume, individual movies are presented and represent a wide range of genres including Westerns, science fiction, film noir, spy films, historical epics, suspense, social message movies and spiritual dramas. All of these titles share the stigma of being failures or disappointments at the box office. But these films deserved a better fate at the time of their release, and hopefully this volume will garner them a little of the respect they so richly deserve. Titles include: Pitfall, In a Lonely Place, Try and Get Me! (aka The Sound of Fury), The Egyptian, The Last Hunt, The Singer Not the Song, The Last Sunset, Cape Fear, First Men in the Moon, The Chase, The Quiller Memorandum







Great Movies...Evil Wars

by Nick Anez
6x9, paperback, 272 pages

  • Series: Celluloid Adventures (Book 3)
  • Publisher: Midnight Marquee Press, Inc. (October 30, 2018)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936168828

The rocketship crashes into the Earth, killing everyone inside. The father has earned the respect of his son only because he has killed someone. The woman lies in bed, her life ruined irreparably as the cop walks away from her. The young girl stares at a toy boat, unaware of the numerous deaths she has caused. The man with the badge rides away, leaving a trail of lifeless bodies in his wake. These are all unforgettable endings to great movies that have either been neglected or forgotten. Despite the high merits of these movies, they never received the large audiences they deserved. But it may not be too late for belated recognition. In this third volume of Celluloid Adventures, the spotlight is once again on movies that are unjustifiably underrated or undeservedly unknown. The movies cover a span of three decades, from 1942 to 1971. As in Volume 2, these movies represent a variety of genres. They include a Western that is also a suspense movie, an adventure film that is also a fantasy and a science fiction story that is also a tragedy. There is a movie about children that is not for children, a crime movie that is a social drama and a Western that is both traditional and radical. There is also a film noir that is a morality play, a thriller that is horrifyingly prophetic and a police story about an officer who uses his badge to kill. There is a comedy and a war movie but the comedy has dark overtones and the war movie is anti-military. Movies covered: Bridge at Remagen, A High Wind in Jamaica, Jungle Book, Lawman, Pocketful of Miracles, Rocketship X-M, The Satan Bug, Sol Madrid, The Stalking Moon, They Won't Beleive Me, Violent Saturday