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american scary


American Scary: A Tribute to the Golden Age of TVs Horror Hosts

by Michael Monahan


This book is for all those Monster Kids who remember those long weekdays anxiously awaiting the weekend and the thrills and chills of another monster movie—brought to them courtesy of their local horror host.
Inside you will find a celebration of local TV personalities and their intimate, inspirational connection to the community. With corporate ownership of media poised to snuff the last struggling ember of local broadcast identity, it’s more important than ever to remember a time when the person on that television screen was a neighbor, someone who said your name on the air, read your letter, showed your artwork, announced your birthday, made you laugh and showed you really cool monster movies. Hopefully these interviews will bring back a few happy memories of those golden days of our lost youth. Interviews include:

Vampira,Zacherley,Dr. E. Nick Witty, Baron Daemon. Big Chuck, Tim Conway, Lil’ John, Christopher Coffin, Chilly Billy,Bob Wilkins and Bob Shaw,Count Gore De Vol, Svengoolie, The Ghoul, Dr. Creep,Fritz the Nite Owl,Son of Svengoolie, Crematia Mortem, Stella,Commander USA, Son of Ghoul, Joe Bob Briggs, Zomboo, Balrok


inteviews with

Dr. E. Nick Witty
Baron Daemon
Big Chuck
Tim Conway
Lil' John
Christopher Coffin
Chilly Billy
Bob Wilkins
Count Gore De Vol
The Ghoul
Dr. Creep
Fritz the NIte Owl
Son of Svengoolie
Cremator Mortem
Commander USA
Son of Ghoul
Joe Bob Briggs