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by Dan Leissner

by Dan Leissner
6x9 paperback, fiction, 258 pages,

Catherine Cat Warburton is the black sheep of a rich and powerful family, living on the West Coast. Blonde and beautiful, her interests are Soul music, guns and fast cars. When she is not hanging out at the beach, Cat goes undercover for a highly secret private agency, as a daring crime fighter.The scene shifts swiftly: from the riot-torn ghetto to glittering yachts and penthouses; from steamy discos to lonely motel rooms and small-town bars; the endless highway and the baking desert. After a close encounter with a gang of drug pushers, the Agency orders Cat to take a vacation. She takes off down Route 66, into the desert, intending to find rest and recreation with her rich Uncle and his hippy colony. Cat s holiday turns into a nightmare. A weird, way-out roller-coaster ride of strange excitements, peril and adventure. Her lurid escapades escalate at a blistering pace, as-aided and abetted by Soul Sister Selena and the exotic Aiko-she tackles rednecks and Black Militants; pimps and pushers; crooked cops; secret armies; and an invasion from Outer Space!





Hell on Route 666 

6 x 9, 256 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1936168637
Catherine “Cat” Warburton goes undercover as a daring crime fighter for a highly secret private agency.
The teenage sons and daughters of wealthy parents are running amok.
Meanwhile a horned figure presides over strange midnight ceremonies where occult rites and blood sacrifices are performed. A leading moral crusader proclaims that the Day of Judgment is at hand.
The notorious heavy rock band 666 may be able to provide a clue to the goings on. In the guise of a hooker, go-go dancer and bikini wrestler, Cat goes on the road with the band. She embarks on a wild ride of blood, lust and terror that takes her from quiet suburbs, hippie colonies and Indian Reservations to barren wastelands and down the “Devil’s Highway” —Route 666.
Cat’s lurid escapades escalate into a weird way-out Bad Trip, as the world around her goes mad. Aided and abetted by “Soul Sister” Selena and the exotic Aiko, she encounters rednecks, Hell’s Angels, trigger-happy cops, medicine men, guerilla fighters, strange cults, monsters, demons, and the legion of the living dead





Born to be Bad

“Cat” Warburton fails a mission for the first time! To repair her damaged psyche, she is sent on a working vacation as Phys. Ed. Coach in a reformatory for delinquent girls. There she connects with kindred souls, rebellious spirits, mirrors of her younger self. Cat uncovers a dark conspiracy, an evil of epic proportions. Rogue elements in the government, intelligence services and the military are eliminating those that they regard as subversive andundesirable— refining a formula devised by Nazi scientists to perpetrate a hideous new genocide. Cat recruits the hard corps of her Gym class and transforms them into a deadly hit squad. Their mission takes them from secret bases in the remote desert to the humid jungles and dank dungeons of a corrupt banana republic; to sinister laboratories hidden at the bottom of the sea. Aided and abetted by “Soul Sister” Selena and the exotic Aiko, by Cat’s formidable Uncle John—ex-Special Forces; billionaire turned hippie guru—Cat and her fearless teenage commandos follow the trail of death to its source: down the corridors of power to the door of the Oval Office. And along the way,




234 pages. 6x9

Drums of the Lost Gods is a thrilling cliffhanger, set in South America, in the turbulent 1930s. An ill-assorted band of adventurers follows a nameless river into the sacred mountains and steaming jungles of a Lost World, in search of ancient civilizations and vanished cities of gold.
An uneasy alliance of mercenaries and hoodlums trades shots with river pirates and ferocious cannibals and then turns on each other, their ambitions perverted by lust and greed. Soldiers-of-fortune spar with Amazon warrior women, while hapless missionaries try to teach the natives how to play cricket. A debutante duels to the death with a gangster's moll. Warriors of antiquity wage war against a robot army from outer space!