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Tales Inspired by Classic Horror Films
6" x 9"
190 pages

We lost most of our cinema heroes years
ago … horror icons like Bela Lugosi and
Boris Karloff. When we view one of their
films on a dark and stormy night, it feels like
we are visiting old friends. They transport us
to lands long forgotten, dark worlds of a
macabre age. Vampires and men brought
back from the dead. Films like Frankenstein (1931) and Dracula (1931) have continued
to frighten and stir our imaginations for
nearly a century now … the films we love
have inspired and brought us so much joy. 

This book churns new fiction from the cauldron of creative fire, works inspired by some of our most beloved films and characters. I can only hope that those icons that have inspired us would look upon these new works of fiction
with a gleam in their eye. Happy to see that
all those many years later they are loved now perhaps more than ever.