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by Bret Wood and Felicia Feaster









by Bret Wood and Felicia Feaster
6x9 paperback, 256 pages,


Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film offers the first thorough examination of the exploitation cinema while capturing the devious spirit of this renegade film movement. Abounding with anecdotes, character sketches and insights, Forbidden Fruit offers vivid depictions of exploitation kings like Dwain Esper and con-men, detailed readings of the films themselves and the unique stretch of American history that inspired them.


Includes: Sex Maniac, Chained for Life, Cocaine, Deliquent Daughters, Reefer Madness, No Greater Sin , Road to Ruin, Slaves in Bondage, Narcotic, Gambling with Souls, The Lawton Story, The Lash of the Penitentes, and many others