by Chris Alexander



Blood Spattered Book Chris Alexander




8.25 x 10.5, 104 pages, FULL COLOR

A wild, unhinged collection of eccentric essays on oddball horror, dark fantasy and cult movies that refuse to behave!

This Blood Spattered Book will spotlight a selection of genre film writer Chris Alexander's favorite-filmed fever dreams; underrated horror, dark fantasy and cult genre pictures that aren't quite mainstream and in some cases are woefully obscure and/or unfairly maligned by many. Includes: Alice Sweet Alice, Angel Heart, Anthropophagus, Bloody Moon, A Bucket of Blood, Chosen Survivors, City of the Living Dead, The Company of Wolves, Count Dracula's Great Love, Daughters of Darkness, Demon Seed, The Devil's Nightmare, In the Folds of the Flesh, The Keep, Lair of the White worm, Land of the Minotaur The Last Man on Earth, Legend of the Werewolf, Lifeforce, The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, Maximum Overdrive, Nomads, Nosferatu, Psychomania, Psycho III, Ravenous, /the Sentinel, The Shout, Sole Survivor Interviews with Mickey Rourke; composer Fabio Frizzi; Norman J. Warren; Roger Corman; Stephen Rea; Harry Kumel; Danielle Ouimet; composer Allesandro Allessandroni; Amanda Donohoe; writer Richard Matheson; Tobe Hooper; Mark Damon; composer John Cameron; director Michael Winner; composer Paul Zaza

About the Author

Chris Alexander is a Canadian film journalist, radio personality and music composer. He was a critic and columnist with noted horror entertainment periodical Rue Morgue for five years before joining the ranks of legendary NYC-based genre magazine Fangoria, a publication he and every other oddball kid was obsessed with as a child. He was also the only Canadian critic chosen to box noted “bad filmmaker” Uwe Boll in the “Raging Boll” event in Vancouver, September 2006. He lost brilliantly but not before vomiting a geyser of fake blood at the none-too-amused director. Chris Alexander lives in Toronto with his wife Carrie and their two sons, Jack and Elliot.