Books by AUTHOR

Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander's Blood Spattered Book

Anthony Ambrogio
Peter Cushing (MMAS)
You're Next: Loss of Identity in the Horror Film

Nicholas Anez
Celluloid Adventures 1-3

Rick Atkins
Carla Laemmle: Among the Rugged Peaks

Barry Atkinson
Atomic Age Cinema
Heroes Never Die: The Italian Peplum Phenomenon
Indie Horrors
Six-Gun Law
Six-Gun Law 2
• Six Gun Law 3

You Are Old Enough Son
You're Not Old Enough Son

Kristen Baggelaar
Dancing With a Star: Maxine Barrat

Matt Blake
Eurospy Guide

Brad Braddock

Darrell Buxton
The Shrieking Sixties

Aaron Christensen
Horror 101

James Couglin
Dwight Frye's Last Laugh
Forgotten Faces

Roberto Curti

Hank Davis
Classic Cliffhangers
Vol 1 and Vol. 2

David Deal
Eurospy Guide

Rosemary DeCamp
•  Rosemary DeCamp

Felicia Feaster
Forbidden Fruit

Susan Fox
20th Century Fox - William Fox

Lee Gambin
Massacred by Mother Nature

Gary Giblin
Alfred Hitchcock's London




Willy Greer

Steve Haberman
Chronicles of Terror: Silent Screams

John Hamilton
Unholy Three

Jim Harper
Italian Horror

Keith Hedges
The 'Way-Out, Wonderful
World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia

Troy Howarth
Haunted World of Mario Bava
So Deadly, So Perverse Vol. 1-3
Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci
Tome of Terror: Films of the Silent Era
Tome of Terror:
Horror Films of the 1930s


Paul Jensen
Hitchcock Becomes Hitchcock

Eric J. Karell
Claudia Jennings
An Authorized Biography

John Keeyes
Attack of the B Queens

Dwight Kemper
Bela Lugosi and the House of Doom
The Vamøpire's Tomb Mystery

Who Framed Boris Karloff

Leonard Kohl
Sinister Serials Karloff, Lugosi & Chaney

Jack Lane
A Gallery of Stars:The Story of the Hollywood
Brown Derby's Wall of Fame

Christopher Lee
•  Christopher Lee

Dan Leissner
Cool Cat —Plup Fiction
Drums of the Lost Gods

Tuesday's Child

Gregory Mank
Dwight Frye's Last Laugh
Hollywood's Maddest Doctors
Colin Clive: One Man Crazy

Michael Monahan
American Scary

John B. Murray
Brett Halsey
The Remakable Michael Reeves

Paul Naschy
Paul Naschy:
Memoirs of a Wolfman

Scott Nollen
Theron Denson: Black Diamond
Frank Sinatra
Boris Karloff: A Gentleman's Life
Fritz Von Erich
Glenda Farrell Hollywd's Hardboiled Dame

Deboran Painter
Hollywood's Top Dogs: The Dog Hero In Film

Neil Pettigrew
Lionel Atwill: An Exquisite Villain

Ingrid PItt
Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn

Michael H. Price
Forgotten Horrors
Vol. 1-4

Human Monsters

•  Mantan Moreland
Spawn of Skull Island:
The Making of King Kong

Derek Pykett
Michael Ripper Unmasked

Giovanni Radice
A Zombie's Life: Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Donald Rosallini
20th Century Fox - William Fox

Jimmy Sangster
Do You Want it Good or Tuesday?

Bryan Senn
Drums of Terror: Voodoo in the Cinema

Robert Skotak
•  Ib Melchior

David Soren
Art, Popular Culture and the Classical Ideal in the 1930s: Two Classic Films—A Study of Roman Scandals and Christopher Strong
The Rise and Fall of the Horror Film


John Stell
Tracy Brubaker
mystery series

Gary J. and Susan Svehla
Cinematic Hauntings

Fantastic Journeys: Sci-Fi Memories
Guilty Pleasures of the Horror Film

It's Christmas Time at the Movies
Lon Chaney, Jr.- MidMar Actors Serier

MMAS Boris Karloff
• Bela Lugosi
Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre MMAS
Vincent Price: MMAS
Gore Creatures
• MAD ABOUT MOVIES/Movie Mystique
Midnight Maruqee MAGAZINE
Midnight Marquee Studio Series: Hammer
Midnight Marquee 50th Anniversary Issue #79
Popcorn Prozaz
Reel Mad Doctors
Scrapbook 1930s
Vol. 1 & 2

Son of Guilty Pleasures
of the Horror Film

We Belong Dead: Frankenstein on Film

Jack Tydings
The Cure All

Callum Waddell
Minds of Fear: 30 Cult Classics
of the Modern Horror  Film

Donald Willis
Chronology of Classic Horror Films: The 1930s

Christopher Workman
Tome of Terror: Films of the Silent Era
Tome of Terror:
Horror Films of the 1930s