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Independent horror films




Indie Horrors!

The Not-To-Be Missed, The Acceptable,
and The Forgettable

By Barry Atkinson

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Midnight Marquee Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1936168286
ISBN-10: 1936168286
BISAC: Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism

Welcome to the wonderful world of the independent, cut-price horror, science fiction and fantasy movie. Movies where most of the aliens are, well, for want of a better word, Alien rip-offs; where the leading men and women display all the emotions of cardboard cut-outs; where decent music is more or less non-existent; where direction veers from the truly sublime to the utterly ridiculous; where plots are ruthlessly plagiarized from other, more high-profile productions; where special effects aren't all that special; where the level of gore has to be seen to be believed; where the hero is good-looking but wooden and the heroine a blonde/brunette bimbo; where the dialogue is stilted and shored up with stock phrases; and where the cheapo ethics immortalized by Edward D. Wood, Jr., Jerry Warren and their ilk are still being kept alive and well by courtesy of Nu Image, Asylum, American World Pictures, North American Pictures, RHI Entertainment, UFO, Castel Film Romania, Cinetel Films, PM Entertainment and a host of other small film companies specializing in low-budget fare.
But before we all pronounce sentence, start to sneer, utter hoots of derision and sweep this lot under the carpet, let's pause for a second and take stock of these fascinatingly guilty delights alongside top-rate (but still classed as independent) movies. Movies that were given a limited cinema release but subsequently pulled off the circuits through lack of audience interest. These indie movies can be quite entertaining in their own unconventional, quirky fashion, particularly for those of us sick to the back teeth of hackneyed, million-dollar fantasy epics where pomposity rules, where the slogan "This is a Very Important Motion Picture and You Must Watch It" might just as well be emblazoned across posters and in the trailers. Yes, Campfire Tales, High Plains Invaders, Reeker and Alien Siege are low-budget fare, but so what? They're fun to watch for what many would think are all the wrong reasons, but for others all the right reasons. As was nearly always the case with '50s and '60s B films, they get down to low-budget moviemaking basics and ideals. These movies are simple variations, if you like, on well-worn genre themes, occasionally coming up trumps (against the odds) with a minor classic. Alien Lockdown, Croc, Haunted Forest and Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt are all thoroughly enjoyable, highly commendable exercises in sci-fi thrills, monster mayhem, supernatural-mystery chills and gruesome horror, more than making up for the truly abysmal cinematic techniques displayed in Alien vs. Hunter, Dracula 3000, Hologram Man and Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy. More to the point, this sub-genre has to be of special interest to all buffs because of its absolute inaccessibility.