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Midnight Madness has been released in 4 parts through Reality Entertainment. You can still buy our original 4 hour version also.

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monster madness
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4-hours, 2-disc set
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Grab the popcorn and settle back as we take you on a 4-hour trip filled with monsters, aliens, vampires and things that go bump in the night. And your tour guides are none other than the people who put the thrill in the chill, the tingle in your spine and the scream on your lips. And remember, it's not only a movie - it's a treasured memory from your past when life was simpler and monsters were ever so much more fun!

Part 1: The Golden Age of the Horror Film (51 min.)

Part 2: The Atomic-Crazed Fifties (52 min.)

Part 3: Teens Invade the Drive-Ins/The Studio That Dripped Blood (53 min.)

Part 4: The Swinging Sixties to the Awesome Eighties (51 min.)

With special guest appearances by: Forry Ackerman, Jane Adams, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Veronica Carlson, Robert Clarke, Roger Corman, Anne Francis, Freddie Francis, Dolores Fuller, Val Guest, Linda Harrison, Jonathan Haze, Dorothy Herrmann, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Jackie Joseph, Sara Karloff, Ed Kemmer, Carla Laemmle, Christopher Lee, Janet Leigh, Bela Lugosi, Jr., William Marshall, Kevin McCarthy, Terry Moore, Peggy Moran, Lori Nelson, Ingrid Pitt, Victoria Price, Robert Quarry, Rex Reason, Jimmy Sangster, William Schallert, Elena Verdugo, Robert Wise, Virginia Wetherell, Yvette Vickers, Dee Wallace

All of the guest interviews were taped at the FANEX film conventions held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA from 1987 through 2005.

Commentary by: Mark Bialek ,Aaron Christensen, Dwight Kemper, Jon Kitley, Don Leifert, Michael Mack, Streebo Majic, Gregory W. Mank, Deborah Painter, Lee Price, Gus Russo, Gary J. Svehla, Robert Tinnell



What I love about this documentary set is that it really covers each era well. It talks about some of the more notable films of the time, complete with footage of the films it's talking about, and has some really wonderful interview footage with the directors and stars who brought these films to life.

The interview footage was taken from various Fanex conventions, any of which I'd have given just about anything to have been able to attend. When I think of a convention of this nature, these Fanex conventions seem like the pinnacle of what any fan of these films and those involved in their creation could possibly dream of. Film makers and stars such as Forry Ackerman, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Rober Clarke, Roger Corman, Christopher Lee, Kevin McCarthy, Robert Quarry, William Schallery, Dee Wallace and many other amazing people share their insights and memories with the fans who love them.

While this collection doesn't cover every genre of film, it does cover some of the greatest films and studios, including some really awesome segments about Universal and Hammer studios and some of their more famous films, film makers and stars.

This is an absolutely amazing set. The convention footage alone is worth the price, but combined with all the great film footage and narration, this becomes a must have set for anyone who's a fan of classic films and b-movies. The quality here is undeniable, so don't hesitate to grab yourself a copy.

—Rogue Cinema

Midnight Marquee Productions presents a collection that should please virtually any fan of the horror genre past or present with Midnight Madness: The History of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films. The collection is a 4-hour, 2-disc set that features reminiscences from 37 horror film stars including Christopher Lee, Janet Lee, William Marshall, Rex Reason, Robert Wise and a host of others with special appearances ranging from Roger Corman to such known and semi-known names as Dolores Fuller, Linda Harrison, Forry Ackermann and, well, it seems like the list just keeps going on and on.

Divided into four parts; 1) The Golden Age of the Horror Film, 2) The Atomic-Crazed Fifties, 3) Teens Invade the Drive-Ins/The Studio That Dripped Blood, and 4) The Swinging Sixties to the Awesome Eighties, Midnight Madness is nicely put together by director Jeff Herberger and solidly narrated by Tom Proveaux in a way that treats the subjects well by maintaining the irreverent spirit of the project.

All of the guest interviews were conducted during the FANEX conventions held in Baltimore from 1987 through 2005, a festival that was never about money as much as it was about a devoted group of film friends and fans who gathered each year and, each year, the festival seemed to grow over the course of its 19 years.

If you've ever been to any of the nation's horror, sci-fi or fantasy festivals, then odds are pretty strong you'll find much to love about Midnight Madness, a collection of interviews and tributes guaranteed to trigger a trip down memory lane. Even for the names that aren't quite as familiar, a quick trip to IMDB will jog the memory of these actors and actresses and the roles that they brought to life over the years.

The running time of this entire collection with all its extras actually runs well past four hours, chock full of celebrity interviews, cinematic historians, film writers, screen writers, critics and more. While the sections seem to begin with the 50's, Midnight Madness actually goes all the way back to the groundbreaking 20's.

The horror convention folks, Troma fans, indie horror and sci-fi/fantasy fans will truly enjoy this marvelous collection that seems to have acquired a regular spot in this critic's DVD player as interviews get replayed, new insights are gained and memories are fondly brought to mind. —T